H16 - Maintenance food for hornbills

H16 - Maintenance food for hornbills

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Scientifically approved composition with all the nutrients your birds need. Completely consumable, no food waste.

  • With fruit.
  • Iron storage disease is a frequently occurring problem with frugivorous and insectivorous birds; that is why NutriBird H16 has such a very low iron content (max 85 ppm).
  • Recommended by vetarinarians and used worldwide by ornithological parks and top breeders.
  • Constituents


    Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, fruit (10%: apple, cranberry, elderberry), seeds, oils and fats, various sugars, minerals, MOS, yeasts

    Analytical constituents

    Protein 16%, Fat content 8%, Crude fibre 2.50%, Crude ash 4.00%, Calcium 0.80%, Phosphorus 0.60%, Iron <85 ppm


    Nutritional additives

    Vitamin A 8650 IU, β-carotene 5.20 mg, Vitamin D3 1800 IU, Vitamin E 100 mg, Vitamin K3 3.50 mg, Vitamin B1 8.50 mg, Vitamin B2 19 mg, Folic acid 1.80 mg, Biotin 310 µg, Choline chloride 725 mg, Calcium D-pantothenate 24 mg, Vitamin B6 7 mg, Vitamin B12 0.04 mg, Vitamin C 60 mg, Niacin 95 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2.50 mg, E4 (copper) 12 mg, E5 (manganese) 120 mg, 3b605 (zinc) 115 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.24 mg, Tannic acid 0.13 %

    Technological Additives

    Antioxidants | Preservatives

    Sensory additives