Uni Patee Premium

Uni Patee Premium

SKU: EAN5411204124143

Universal feed with a high nutritional value and a very good ingestion, enriched with spirulina.

  • Enriched with dried shrimps, rowan ash berries and raisins.
  • Can be given pure or mixed with fruit.
  • Is also a nutritious supplementary feed for many other bird species.
  • Constituents


    Bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, fruit, various sugars, honey, minerals, seeds, molluscs and crustaceans, algae, FOS, MOS

    Analytical constituents

    Protein 15.50%, Fat content 17%, Crude fibre 2%, Crude ash 6%, Calcium 1.50%, Phosphorus 0.65%, Lysine 0.80%, Methionine 0.30%, Threonine 0.50%, Tryptophan 0.15%, Cystine 0.25%


    Nutritional additives

    Vitamin A 8400 IU, β-carotene 4.5 mg, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Vitamin E 185 mg, Vitamin K3 1.6 mg, Vitamin B1 3.8 mg, Vitamin B2 8.6 mg, Calcium D-pantothenate 10.5 mg, Vitamin B6 3.2 mg, Vitamin B12 0.02 mg, Niacin 35 mg, Vitamin C 40 mg, Choline chloride 1200 mg, Folic acid 0.65 mg, Biotin 0.11 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2 mg, E4 (copper) 10 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 100 mg, 3b605 (zinc) 97 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.2 mg